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Degree projects - HIBEAM & NNBAR

The Lund HIBEAM-NNBAR group is involved in many aspects of the experiment, including but not limited to the design of the annihilation detector and of the software framework, which are currently under intense development by the collaboration. 

Examples of projects:

  • particle identification and event selection using machine learning techniques
  • study of alternative annihilation detectors for the experiment using different geometries and materials
  • development of fast detector simulation techniques
  • development of background suppression techniques (e.g. removal of cosmic ray events)
  • simulation studies of the WASA detector for HIBEAM
  • benchmarking of the detector prototypes under construction in collaboration with Uppsala and Stockholm universities

Feel free to contact us, using the information on the right, to hear more about potential projects.

nnbar event display
A simulated NNBAR event in which we see the remnants from an n-nbar annihilation.