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Degree projects

Possibilities for bachelor's and master's degree projects at the division

The division welcomes both bachelor and master students to do their degree project in one of our research groups. Below you can find short descriptions of possible topics for your degree project with links to the respective research groups for more information. You can also contact teachers directly and ask about possible projects.

Experimental particle physics:

Experimental nuclear physics:

  • nuclear reactions and nuclear astrophysics at FAIR-NUSTAR and CERN-ISOLDE
  • data analysis of nuclear structure data (proton dripline and superheavy nuclei)
  • radiation detector R&D in the laboratory and/or virtual Geant4 space
  • environmental impact of radioactive materials and radiation
  • neutrino scattering and oscillation experiments at ESS
  • medical isotope production and neutron transport simulations for ESS 

Theoretical particle physics:

Individual supervisors: