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Balazs Konya


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Atlas Data-Challenge 1 on NorduGrid


  • Paula Eerola
  • Balazs Konya
  • Oxana Smirnova
  • Tord Ekelöf
  • Mattias Ellert
  • John Renner Hansen
  • Jakob Langgaard Nielsen
  • Anders Wäänänen
  • Sten Hellman
  • Aleksander Konstantinov
  • Trond Myklebust
  • Farid Ould-Saada

Summary, in English

The first LHC application ever to be executed in a computational Grid environment is the so-called ATLAS

Data-Challenge 1, more specifically, the part assigned to the Scandinavian members of the ATLAS Collaboration.

Taking advantage of the NorduGrid testbed and tools, physicists from Denmark, Norway and Sweden were able

to participate in the overall exercise starting in July 2002 and continuing through the rest of 2002 and the first

part of 2003 using solely the NorduGrid environment. This allowed to distribute input data over a wide area,

and rely on the NorduGrid resource discovery mechanism to find an optimal cluster for job submission. During

the whole Data-Challenge 1, more than 2 TB of input data was processed and more than 2.5 TB of output data

was produced by more than 4750 Grid jobs.


  • Particle and nuclear physics

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Document type

Conference paper


  • Subatomic Physics


  • ATLAS Computing Grid NorduGrid LHC

Conference name

Computing in High Energy Physics CHEP'03

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