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Balazs Konya


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Advanced resource connector (ARC) - the grid middleware of the NorduGrid


  • Balazs Konya

Summary, in English

Summary form only given. The advanced resource connector (ARC), or the NorduGrid middleware, is an open source software solution enabling production quality computational and data grids. Since the first release (May 2002), the middleware is deployed and being used in production environments. Emphasis is put on scalability, stability, reliability and performance of the middleware. A growing number of grid deployments chose ARC as their middleware, thus building one of the largest production grids of the world. The NorduGrid middleware integrates computing resources (commodity computing clusters managed by a batch system or standalone workstations) and storage elements, making them available via a secure common grid layer. ARC provides a reliable implementation of the fundamental grid services, such as information services, resource discovery and monitoring, job submission and management, brokering and data management. The middleware builds upon standard open source solutions like OpenLDAP, OpenSSL, SASL and Globus Toolkit 2 (GT2) libraries. NorduGrid provides innovative solutions essential for a production quality middleware: Grid Manager, ARC GridFTP server, information model and providers (NorduGrid schema), user interface and broker (a "personal" broker integrated into the user interface), extended Resource Specification Language (xRSL), and the monitoring system. ARC solutions are replacements and extensions of the original GT2 services, the middleware does not use most of the core GT2 services, such as the GRAM, the GT2 job submission commands, the WUftp-based gridftp server, the gatekeeper, the job-manager, the GT2 information providers and schemas. Moreover, ARC extended the RSL and made the Globus MDS functional. ARC is thus much more than GT2 - it offers its own set of grid services built upon the GT2 libraries


  • Particle and nuclear physics

Publishing year







Recent Advances in Parallel Virtual Machine and Message Passing Interface. 11th European PVM/MPI Users' Group Meeting. Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Sciences)



Document type

Conference paper




  • Subatomic Physics


  • open source software solution
  • production quality data grid
  • NorduGrid middleware
  • advanced resource connector
  • production environments
  • grid services
  • information services
  • resource discovery
  • resource monitoring
  • job management
  • brokering management
  • data management
  • production quality middleware
  • Grid Manager
  • ARC GridFTP server
  • information model
  • user interface
  • monitoring system
  • GT2 services
  • GT2 job submission commands
  • WUftp-based gridftp server
  • Globus MDS functional
  • gatekeeper
  • production quality computational grid
  • GT2 libraries
  • standalone workstations
  • storage elements
  • common grid layer
  • Globus Toolkit 2 libraries
  • extended Resource Specification Language
  • GT2 information provider
  • batch system

Conference name

Recent Advances in Parallel Virtual Machine and Message Passing Interface. 11th European PVM/MPI Users' Group Meeting. Proceedings

Conference date

2004-09-19 - 2004-09-22

Conference place

Budapest, Hungary




  • ISBN: 3-540-23163-3